Strength for endurance

8 wEEk Training Camp


Our Strength for Endurance training camp is an 8 Week training program specifically designed for cyclists, runners, triathletes of all abilities. Whether you are someone who is out there to compete or just to participate, our training camp is suited to you.


With a focus on movement, technique and smart, progressive programming, our training methods are scientifically proven and specifically designed to improve endurance performance, power, efficiency/economy and time to fatigue along with reducing overall injury risk. 

Our training camp includes:

- A 2 Hour Strength Training Workshop, taking you through the theory behind S&C for endurance sports as well as learning the fundamental techniques for the Squat, Hip Hinge, Hip Thrust, Lunge and Push/Pull movements;

- Unlimited access to daily 1 Hour Group Strength Training Classes all supervised and led by professional S&C coaches;

- An 8 Week Program broken down into 2 x 4 Week Blocks. A 4 Week Accumulation (Volume) block followed by a 4 Week Intensification (Strength) block;

- Smart, progressive programming meaning each week builds on the last, each day is a different workout and each workout includes Movement Prep, Primary Exercise/s and Accessory exercises;

- Specific exercises, sets and rep ranges selected to suit an endurance sport competitors requirements;

- Flexibility of 15+ class times to choose from each week. Morning, Lunchtime and Evening classes available;

- A social, supportive and like minded community training environment; and

- An end of camp Strength Testing workout and celebration!



8 Week Strength for Endurance Training Camp - $49 p/wk*

* 10% off if you pay upfront.

Camp starts Sunday 17th January.

Only 20 spots available! Apply Now to SECURE YOURs.