Tour de Brisbane 2021

12 wk Training Camp

Kick off the year with a goal, a program & a team.

Our Tour de Brisbane training camp is a complete, all inclusive 12 Week training experience. Whether you are looking to complete or compete at Tour de Brisbane 2021, this camp will has you covered.

Our training camp includes:

- 12 Week TrainingPeaks event specific training program, including structured interval based Indoor Trainer workouts, Outdoor training sessions & Strength & Conditioning;

- 2 x Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Tests;

- 2 x Aerobic Efficiency Tests;

- Access to 2 x Indoor Cycling classes p/wk. Choose from any of our 20+ class times p/wk;

- Unlimited weekly access to our event specific, periodised and coached Strength Training classes. These classes start with 4 weeks of Accumulation / Volume, 4 Weeks of Intensification / Strength and finish with 4 weeks of Power to have you peaking for the event. 15+ available times to choose from in our timetable each week; 

- 5 x Weekend Group Rides including recon of the event course route;

- Tips and advice from professional coaches on Training, Racing, Nutrition & Recovery;

- 10% off any of our team cycling kit;

- A 1hr Training Camp welcome and orientation session; and

- A post race afterparty team celebration!


12 Week Training Camp (Full Access) - $55 p/wk*

12 Week Training Camp (Indoor Cycle Only) - $45 p/wk*

12 Week Training Camp (Program + Group Ride Access) - $89

* 10% off if you pay upfront.

For more information on the Tour de Brisbane event, check out www.tourdebrisbane.org.

Camp starts Sunday 17th January.

Only 20 spots available!

Apply Now to SECURE YOURs.