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These are the testimonials from our everyday athletes. Real people with real jobs, real families, real commitments and a real passion for their sport and team. These athletes are our club and community!

Matt Van Der Meulen
Ironman Triathlete & Plumber

"The combination of stretch, strength and activation exercises has helped my bulging disc in my back and also my swimming, cycling and running"


"I have been training with Endure Performance for about 3 years and the wealth of knowledge and experience I have been exposed to has been amazing.


The combination of stretch, strength and activation exercises has helped not only my bulging disc in my back but also my swimming, cycling and running."


Kim Fuller
Mountain Biker & Paediatric Anaesthetist

"The team at Endure work around my work schedule, accept I’m tired after my on call and are incredibly supportive."


"Initially it was to get strong for a 6 day MTB stage race in NZ. I am by no means an elite athlete but doing S&C training allowed me to be faster, stronger and injury free.

After doing S&C training with Endure, I found that I had just a little bit “extra in the tank” when previously I’d be fading."


Adam Wylie
Cyclist & Software Engineer Manager




"I'd never done structured training."

Weight: 95kg+

FTP: 280w

Watts p/kg: 2.9


"The mates I've made at the gym are a bunch of legends. It's always a blast to train."

Weight: 80kg (Lost 15kg)

FTP: 330w+ (Increased by 50w) 

Watts/kg: 4.1 w/kg

Deb Aitcheson
Cyclist & Chambers Administrator

"When I started at Endure Performance, I couldn't even do a deadlift. Now, at 55yrs old, I can deadlift double my bodyweight!"

"Training with EP over the past 3 years, I have not only strengthened my body but my mind, becoming a much more well rounded athlete.

Surrounded by the positive vibe that is EP, the seemingly unachievable is achieved - like lifting double your body weight - I did it!"



Andrew Vernon
Cyclist & Senior Air Quality Consultant

Signed up to an 8 Week cycling camp to kickstart 2019.

"Increased FTP by 13% and Watts/kg went from 3.1 to 3.6"

"There is a great community feel at Endure which really helps during those hard sessions.


The experience, knowledge, equipment and program is fantastic. They really know their stuff!"

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Suzy McLucas
Triathlete & Business Development Executive

"Since joining Endure Performance, I have found myself reinvigorating with the passion for exercising and training again."

"I’ve been a triathlete for 20 years, and my enthusiasm had been waning over the last few years and even the motivation to exercise was declining. I joined an 8 Week Cycle Camp at EP and added S&C training as well. During the 8 Weeks, I found the passion for exercising again, I couldn’t wait to get to Indoor and I never missed a session!"

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Mel Rodgers
Ultra Runner & 'Research & Business Development Manager'

"Training with Endure Performance has changed my mindset around training, improved my work-life balance and allowed me to fall in love with running again." 

"Strength training with EP has taken me from being an exhausted, burnt out ultra runner who was getting injured every 3-6 mths to now loving running again, being injury free for 4+ years, setting a 10km PB, completing 100km Ultra Marathons and a 7,000+ km ride across America!"

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John Wright
Cyclist & Mechanical Engineer

"After training here for just a few months, I increased my FTP by 12% and I now feel noticeably stronger out on the road!"

"Even as a newbie, training at Endure is like surrounding yourself with a team. Everyone pushes you to achieve your very best. 

At the start, my FTP was 262W and 3.0W/kg, after only a few months it is up to 293 and 3.3 W/kg!"

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