Endure Performance aims to provide a coaching system, facility and environment that is inclusive, fun, fair, consistent and conducive to each and every member achieving their goals. To achieve that it's important to us that we have a set of expectations and rules that apply to everyone equally so we have set out the below terms and conditions for training at Endure Performance:

1. Endure Performance is a performance based training community for endurance sport competitors and active lifestyle lovers. While these sports are generally individual events, Endure Performance is a team, club and community based on an inclusive, fun, supportive and ego free training environment. Any behaviour or conduct that isn't conducive to this environment will not be tolerated and may result in immediate cancellation of training access and forfeiting of all existing casual pass or membership contract payment commitments;

2. Endure Performance Ultimate memberships have a minimum commitment period of 16 weeks. Premium memberships have a minimum commitment period of 8 weeks.  Memberships may be suspended for absences of 2 Weeks or more where at least 2 Weeks written notice is given. Notification should be sent to Any suspensions do don't decrease the minimum commitment period; 

3. All Endure Performance memberships will continue to automatically renew at the end of the minimum commitment period until a request to cancel it is received in writing at Cancellation will be effective14 days from the date which the request was received on or at the end of minimum commitment period, whichever is the latter;

4. The Endure Performance All Class Pass validity periods:

a) Single Session Pass: Valid for 7 days from purchase date;

b) 10 Session Pass: Valid for 2 Months from purchase date;

c) 20 Session Pass: Valid for 4 Months from purchase date;

d 50 Session Pass: Valid for 6 Months from purchase date;

e) 2 Week Trial Pass:14 days from date of first session;

f) First Session Free Pass: Valid for 7 Days from purchase date;

5. Class bookings, cancellations or changes: All bookings must be made through the MINDBODY app. Bookings for all classes can be made 8 days in advance and up to 10 minutes prior to class start time for all Group Training Classes (Core, Stretch, HIIT, Indoor Cycling) except Strength which must be booked 2 hours prior to class commencing due to programming requirements. Class sizes are restricted and bookings are taken on a first in, first served basis. If classes are full, you can place your name on the Waitlist for a space in case someone cancels their booking. Bookings can be changed or cancelled without penalty up to 2 hours prior to any Group Training Class (Strength, Core, Stretch, HIIT) except Indoor Cycling which is 12 hours prior due to the limited class sizes. Any cancellations made after those cut-off periods will forfeit that session pass and payment. This missed session cannot be transferred or refunded.

6. You should bring a towel a water bottle to each session. We appreciate equipment being wiped down, put away and the facility being left neat and organised for the rest of the team;


7. No classes will be available on Public Holidays unless otherwise communicated.


8. If you refer a friend to Endure Performance and they sign up to any Endure Performance membership, you will receive 2 weeks FREE training.

9. If you choose to participate in any Endure Performance outdoor training or social events, it is required that you hold the required personal injury, income and property insurance to cover you for that event or task. Endure Performance does not accept liability for any damage or injury you sustain to person or property while partaking in such events or sessions.

10. Any illegal behaviour or conduct that is deemed to be rude, disrespectful, discriminatory, intimidating or abusive to another individual, the facility or the community, may lead to your access and membership being suspended or cancelled immediately. If you cause your membership to be suspended or cancelled, the remaining duration of your membership or unused passes are non-refundable.

11. All payments are managed through Ezi Debit or MINDBODY. Membership auto-payments are made 2 weeks in advance, are deducted fortnightly on a Monday and can be via Direct Debit or Credit Card. Any fees or charges incurred due to declined payments or insufficient funds are passed on and payed by the client.

12. Endure Performance reserves the right to update and change these Terms and Conditions as and when is required.